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This website is a celebration of the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen type 166, a Porsche designed amphibious vehicle with excellent off-road capabilities. 

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VW Kübelwagen for sale, greece

February 2024

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1944 Schwimmwagen, located in italy

VW-Schwimmwagen from 1944, found in Italy.

1943 Schwimmwagen, located in the Netherlands
The Netherlands 

VW-Schwimmwagen from 1943.

The Netherlands 

VW-Schwimmwagen from 1944.

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Stay tuned - this website is work in progress

This website is work in progress. 

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For the last 15 years, the Schwimmwagen Registry website has been sharing information on the subject of the amphibious VW-Schwimmwagen type 166.

Previously, the website included a forum which has since been replaced by a facebook group. This facebook group is used by enthousiasts to share information, tips & tricks, pictures.