Parts for sale - Teile zu verkaufen - Pièces à vendre

On this page you'll find both original & reproduction parts for sale.
Hier gibt es Ersatzteile zu verkaufen, Orginal & Reproduktion.
Ici vous trouverez des pièces d'origine ou réproduction

VW Schwimmwagen parts - Teile - Pieces

VW Schwimmwagen parts - Teile - Pieces

The parts are from the rear Gear box to the front Differential...
There are parts missing...what's it in the pictures are what you get...
Some parts are in very good condition ..some need a good clean...
Some will need resto...The rear Gearbox does not have it's nose cone..
One half is KDF the other is early Beetle........

Asking 12,500 euros, collection in the UK


Original IF8 for sale

Ad by one of our forum members:

I'm selling one original IF8 1st type restored many years ago (it needs a new paint) nice originals marked wheels, original frame, shock absorbers, suspensions, etc.
Internal box And town bar si replica. Price 1500 euro + shipping ( or local pickup).
One original IF8 2nd type under restoration ( i hope to finisch in few weeks). Original holed wheels, frame, shock absorbers, suspensions, original townbar.
Price 1800 euro + shipping shipping ( or local pickup).